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01/19/2020Shaun Armstrong The New Humanity at Work (Part 1)
Sunday Morning Colossians 3:22a
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01/12/2020Shaun Armstrong The New Humanity at Home (Part 10)
Sunday Morning Ephesians 6:4
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01/05/2020Shaun Armstrong The New Humanity at Home (Part 9)
Sunday Morning Colossians 3:21
There is a 2 1/2 minutes a the beginning of the sermon that is silence and will be repaired soon and re-posted.
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12/29/2019Shaun Armstrong Christian Preparedness
Sunday Morning Selected Scriptures
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12/22/2019Shaun Armstrong The Poverty That Made Us Rich
Sunday Morning 2 Corinthians 8:9
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12/15/2019Shaun Armstrong The New Humanity at Home (Part 8)
Sunday Morning Colossians 3:21
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