Our missions ministry is primarily focused on four outreach ministries through the Rebana Indonesia Foundation ("God's Grace for the Archipelago").

Rebana Indonesia Foundation is a non-profit charity established in 2006 by the Union of Indonesian Baptist Churches for the purpose of ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of victims of natural and man-made disasters.


Rebana developed out of American and Indonesian Baptists' long and short-term ministries to Indonesian victims of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, eruption of volcanoes, civil unrest, violent riots, civil war, and vicious persecution, etc.

Rebana currently has long-term ministries in Aceh, Kupang, and the Mentawai Islands. Rebana's ministry in Aceh, Kupang and the Mentawai Islands as well as Rebana's ability to respond to new disasters is made possible by donations from individuals, churches, and other organizations in Indonesia, America, and other countries.